Acid Staining vs. Water-based Staining

Let’s get one thing straight first. Stain, as used in ‘acid staining vs. water-based staining’, is used to describe a transformation of a standard grey concrete (usually cement flooring) into decorative and attractive concrete by coating it with colored stains. There are two types of concrete staining, the acid staining and the water-based staining.

Acid staining vs. water-based staining, which one to choose?

In choosing the best stained concrete to use in your office, home, garage, or any space you might want to renovate, it is important to know the difference of the two concrete stains available and how these two differ in components, results, and finish.

concrete staining

The first type of concrete stain contains acid. This stain is made up of mild hydrochloric acid combine with inorganic metallic salts and phosphoric acid. These components are the chemicals that enable the concrete’s pores to open. The reaction of salts and the chemicals produce a specific color. The shade that will come out depends on how old the concrete is and its porosity.

The finish of acid stains is usually like that of a marble’s finish or even natural stones. And since the chemical components of concretes are different from one another, there is no similar shade of color has been recorded yet. This makes acid staining popular to many people, especially business owners who want unique color of their flooring.

On the other hand, water-based stains, also known as dye stains, do not rely on chemical reactions to generate good results. These are made to be directly applied to the cement. Their pigments will seep into the open spaces of the cement and will penetrate on its surface. This type of stain is popular because of the many colors available, not to mention that it is safe and so easy to apply.

If you are going to survey people about acid staining vs. water-based staining, many would prefer water-based stains since, according to them, this type of stain creates very nice and unique flooring. It can also last longer and is low-maintenance.

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