How To See Differences on Concrete Floor After Staining

We are here in Manchester and we are actually doing a basement floor and we wanted to give you some tips on acid stain. We actually have two different areas on this basement that we are going to be doing.

What I usually recommend to our customers are if you want to get an idea of what is going to look like stained, wet the floor down, you will be able to see all your imperfections once you wet the floor.

This particular floor I’ve wet and we have found that there was pretty big plumbing repair that was done here, as well as some paint that has been spilled. So those materials needs to be ground off and fixed first or the floor will have to have a micro topping put down because as you can see here the color of the floor and the patched area are two different colors.

Your stain will reflect two different colors of stain if we didn’t do something else here on the floor.

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