5 Spring-inspired Patio Gardening Ideas

When you say spring-inspired, it is easy to think of a lush garden. Bring some life to your concrete patio St Louis through the help of the Decorative Concrete Resurfacing team. Aside from having blooms and abundant greens in the garden, here are some cool ideas you might want to use for a concrete patio garden:

stamped concrete patio St LouisGo Natural

A natural-looking patio garden helps bring you closer to nature. One of the best ways to make it look and feel more natural is by concrete stamping the patio. You can choose from natural-looking patterns that imitate flagstone, slate, travertine, cobblestone, and more. The stamped concrete patio overlay is affordable, durable, and very easy to maintain.

vertical gardenVertical Garden

Not everyone has a wide patio. The best way to incorporate a garden without eating up too much space is by creating a vertical garden. Aside from saving space, a vertical garden is also an aesthetic addition to a patio. The plants can be organized to form a pattern or design. These can be greens, flowers, herbs, succulents, and whatever plant you want to see on your wall.

edible gardenEdible Garden

An edible garden is a fun idea for a patio. Not only does it make the patio look breathtaking, it also gives you that kind of excitement as you anticipate to harvest food right from your own garden. You could start with onions, garlic, and other edible plants that require minimal maintenance. The great thing about these is that it can be grown in a pot or container.

colorful flowersColorful Flowers

Flowers symbolize Spring in every aspect. Flowering plants enhance the look of the patio. It can also help people relax and get rid of stress. It is important to choose flowering plants that are appropriate for the climate in your location. If you are a busy person, choose flowers that require minimal maintenance and attention. Some flowers die easily if it gets too much or too little sunlight or water.

repurposed flower potsRepurposed Containers

Pots are the most common containers for plants. However, why not get a little bit creative? There are many cool stuff that you can repurpose into garden pots. You can paint and punch bottom holes on old tin cans and plastic containers. Instead of throwing out the old red wagon, why not fill it with soil, plant in them, and then place it decoratively on the patio. Old plastic bottles can also be used for plants. Just cut them in half, attach a wire or rope, and then hang them around the patio.

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