5 Pool Deck Decoration Ideas You Must Try

When the weather is hot and humid, there is nothing more ideal to do than to take a dip in the swimming pool. During warmer months, the pool area becomes a place for socialization and family bonding. To make the area more appealing and enjoyable, here are decorating ideas you can try to acquire a new pool deck look.

pool deck overlays st louisHave a Decorative Pool Deck Repair

No matter how much you decorate a pool deck, if it has existing damage or discoloration, it wouldn’t really be pleasing to the eye, would it? Topping it off with tile or stone is expensive but there is an affordable method: pool deck overlay and coatings. With these, pool deck damage is covered and the look and function are improved. If the deck is just discolored, reapplying concrete pool deck colors would be a good idea.

pool deck furnitureFurnish the Concrete Pool Deck

Adding furniture is crucial especially for in the lounging area. Beach chairs are a given but you might want to add more comfortable couches or single chairs and add some cushions. Nowadays, outdoor spaces are almost as comfortable as indoor living rooms. You can even add a dining set for outdoor brunches while the kids are frolicking in the pool.

pool deck plantsBring it Closer to Nature

To enhance the outdoor experience, why not make the pool deck look a bit closer to nature? The mere addition of plants, potted or planted, will make the area look warmer and friendlier. Flowering plants brighten up the area. You may use herbal plants especially those that add fragrance to the air and those that repel mosquitoes.

pool deck lightsInstall Dramatic Lights

Lighting is always a dramatic addition to any space, be it indoor or out. In the pool area, adding lights to the pool makes it light up at night and then makes lighting effects caused by the moving water. Installing the lights on the pool deck helps set the mood while contributing to the need for safety and security.

swimming pool waterfallsAdd Outdoor Features

These could be anything. The most popular additions are fire pits, faux waterfalls, and fountains. The water features make the pool more interesting and enjoyable. The movement helps keep the pool water from standing, which could encourage mosquitoes to breed. The fire pit is a great way to add light and warmth to an otherwise chilly pool area. It is also a great grilling area for barbecues and marshmallows.

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