5 Must-Know Pool Deck Repair Tips

Concrete is a popular material for pool decks because it is durable, affordable, and versatile. As it wears out, certain damage starts to show up. Nowadays, there are so many pool deck repair options that can fix it up. Whether you are hiring someone to perform pool deck repairs or doing a DIY on your own, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

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Protect the Pool

If you are doing repairs on the pool deck, make sure that the pool is protected from unwanted dirt and debris. This is often needed when repairs near the cedge is being done, however, it is just as important to do so even when farther areas in the pool area. Dust could be blown by the wind and end up in the water.

Enclose the Area

Whether it is a quick repair or one that requires several days, enclose the area. This should be more than just flimsy tape going around the area, setting an “off limits” perimeter. Make sure that no child or pet could get through it easily. Damaged areas can be dangerous, moreso, if the area has already been dug up or opened up or if any dangerous tools or equipment are lying around.

Check State or HOA Policies

Building codes for each city or state varies. It is important that you check this first to make sure that you are repairing according to standards. If you are living in a closed community managed by a Homeowners Association or HOA, make sure you follow policies regarding design and material. Some are very strict even with the colors used.

Plan Ahead

It is always best to have a Plan B. Let’s say you are dealing with a crack on the pool deck. The repair process involves opening up the crack a little bit and removing rough and brittle edges to enhance filler adherence. What if you find more damage deep within or around the crack? You should be prepared to address that as well. If you are unsure, you can have an expert check on the crack to determine if there is something there not visible to the naked eye.

Invest a Little

There are several repair options out there that are as cheap as they can get. While this seems practical, it is important to consult an expert and read reviews from customers who have tried it. Decorative concrete is a more affordable option compared to others but it is not so cheap that it can be too good to be true.

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