These Are the 5 Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Styles

There is no reason you shouldn’t make your kitchen as stylish and modern as possible. After all, the kitchen’s role today is not just a place for cooking and dining, but can often be a center of socialization and family bonding. And a floor is a great way to incorporate warmth and design into a room, especially in a kitchen where everything may be clean and cold and void of design. 

vinyl floor kitchen

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen and give it a new life, these are the 5 most popular kitchen flooring styles at the moment:

#1 Classic wooden floors

wooden kitchen floor

Wooden floors will never go out of style. They are a classic flooring option that comes in a huge variety of options. From light wood to dark, from shiny to matte, almost anything is possible. Wood is a great option for kitchen floors because they bring warmth to the room without being overwhelming in design. For a kitchen, any type of dark wood is generally recommended as it is less likely to show stains and scratches.

#2 Concrete floors

Concrete floors are a great choice for kitchens because they’re a cost-effective option that is also durable and lasts long. They’re also extremely easy to clean and maintain, which is important as kitchens can often be sites for spills and other accidents that could stain your flooring.

concrete kitchen floor

If you’re looking for a way to further decorate the appearance of your concrete floors, consider stamped concrete. Stamped concrete uses rollers or mats with an ingrained print to mark the concrete and give it a unique design. The stamped concrete method can also be used to mimic other flooring materials like wood and stone.

#3 Bamboo floors

For an organic floor that is not as expensive as hardwood, bamboo can be a great alternative. Not only is it cheaper with great repellence against dust, but it also has a modern chic look to it that can set your kitchen apart. 

#4 Waterproof vinyl floors

vinyl floor installation

Waterproof vinyl is an extremely versatile flooring material. It can be bought in multiple styles and colors and even types like “wooden” waterproof vinyl and “concrete” waterproof vinyl, though its quality is far from the real thing. Despite this, its versatility and cost-effectivity have propelled it to become a popular kitchen flooring material.

#5 Tiled floors

tile floor kitchen

Tiles are a classic choice for kitchen floors. Not only do they give a midcentury look to your home, but they also have a great reputation as being easy to clean. And because they come in so many styles, patterns, and colors, there is a tile choice for everyone.

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