5 Concrete Pool Deck Remodeling Tips

cool deck overlay St Louis MOA pool deck is as important as the swimming pool itself. It provides an area for walking and lounging. Think of it as a picture frame around the pool. It not only needs to be aesthetically pleasing but functional as well. If you have finally come to a decision to remodel your concrete pool deck, here are some tips that could help you out:

Cooler is Better

Before you decide on a material to use, make sure it addresses concerns or issues encountered in pool deck you are remodeling. One common dilemma is hot concrete. Under the sun, concrete has the tendency to absorb heat and keep it there. The result? The surface becomes too hot to walk on barefoot. Cool deck coatings can help resolve this. A cool deck overlay reflects heat back instead of absorbing it. The ability to stay 30% cooler than other pool deck materials makes cool decking a popular decorative coating.

cool deck coating St Louis MOAlways Think Durability

Never choose a material that looks stunning alone. It is important to always find something that is durable. The great thing about decorative coatings nowadays is that, aside from being durable, they come in a variety of colors and designs.

Choose Non-skid Materials

Safety is one of the top priorities when it comes to remodeling a pool deck. Remember that these are outdoor spaces that are exposed to splashes of pool water and rain. To keep it safe to walk on, even when wet, choose slip-resistant pool deck materials, such as spray knockdown finish, stamped overlays, and the like. If you are not resurfacing the pool deck, apply a sealer instead. Make sure to add a fine aggregate, like sand, to make it non-skid.

kool decking St Louis MOStay Within Budget

It is easy to get carried away during a concrete pool deck remodeling project. Make sure to choose only materials that will fit your budget. Going overboard cost-wise will not only put you in trouble but will be such an inconvenience to the contractor. Decorative coatings and overlays are affordable solutions that do not compromise aesthetics and function.

Consult a Professional

Do not be intimidated by concrete contractors. If you need information about cool deck repair, resurfacing & resealing, then give one a call. They are more than willing to provide free consultations and free quotes. Ask for their recommendations. Ask to see samples to help you decide on pool deck material and design.

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