4 Simple Ways to Keep the Pool Area Safe

The pool area is meant to be an enjoyable spot for the family. However, it is important to note that it can, too, be a dangerous space if proper safety precautions are not addressed. Here are items that could make the pool area safe for adults, kids, and even pets.

1. Slip-Resistant Pool Deck Coatingst louis knockdown finish pool deck

If your pool decking is slippery especially when wet, then you are setting everyone up for a slip or fall. Make walking around the pool fun and safe by enhancing slip-resistance. There are overlays and coatings that can be stamped or sprayed onto an existing concrete pool deck. Stamped concrete and spray texture feature non-skid surfaces.

2. Pool Alarmspool alarms

There are different types of pool alarms available today, such as:

  • Wall-mounted – these are mounted on walls or fences and detects movement in the pool area via an infrared beam or a motion sensor.
  • Pool-mounted – these are installed right at the side of the pool and goes off when it detects that someone is in the water.
  • Underwater – these alarm systems are submerged into the pool right on the pool’s wall.
  • Immersion Detector – these come in the form of a wristband which is worn by kids or pets while walking around the deck. It sets off an alarm if the wearer falls into the pool.

3. Portable Fencesportable swimming pool fences

Setting up a portable fence around the pool is a good idea if you have little ones at home. It is set up around the pool, leaving a foot or two of deck space inside. These fences come with a gate that needs to be locked when the pool is not in use. These are often made of mesh so that the swimmer could still see the rest of the pool area and the people on the deck could still and check on the person in the water. It can also be removed easily when the pool deck is used like in parties and gatherings.

4. Pool Cover or Netpool covers

Covering the pool itself is a good idea especially if you rarely use the pool or during the winter season. A net is an alternative if you don’t want the water totally covered up. Although effective, a net has holes big enough for critters to enter. Make sure that the pool cover or net you use is durable and secured to where it is attached to the pool deck or coping.

If you think of any other ways to enhance pool safety, then make it happen. You can never be careful enough especially when the welfare of your loved ones are at stake.

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