4 Concrete Driveway Solutions For A Seamless Curb

There are four ways to facelift your properties and flaunt that curb appeal. St. Louis driveway repair is your go-to guy to lift all your driveway bearings and put down all necessary work. The exterior concrete that leads to your homes deserves full-force attention from you. 

Before calling your expert concrete driveway installers and repair team, first, have a background on the repair options available for you. 

Browse today’s list and find out how each solution plays its role and the specific damage it fixes and cover-up.

Repair And Refinish Available For You

1. Crack Filling And Patching

Driveways are a common sight. But when a guest gets familiar with these, it will soon be enough for them. It’s a sight to see no more. Though they often occur, the thickness of the concrete ensures that cracks do not need to be a frequent guest coming in and out of your frontways, driveways and entrance.

Employ crack filling immediately. This is a necessary process that will save your outdoor concrete from further damages. The front alleys need extra care because this is the part that visitors first see. 

Filling or patching uses a fresh concrete mix to fill in the growing gaps on the ground. A patch takes a different measure of the raw material. They will look for patches of new skin on old slabs. An expert will finish the cracks with seamless, clean slate patched spots. If you have decorative overlays over the surface then, crack filling and patching is necessary to prepare the concrete for resurfacing and repair.

concrete slab constructions

2. Slabjacking

Another driveway-prone damage is a sinking slab. Of course, it’s due to massive tires that make familiar turns through your parking and access road. Adding up to the sinking signs are weak sublayers and faulty driveway installation from the previous contractors. It could be, too, that the soil has been corroding for a long time. 

Slabjacking is the solution for sinking surfaces. The goal of this recess is to lift the slabs that have been buried under. This will involve drilling holes around the spot. Then, the holes will get filled with concrete grout mix. As the hollow spots get filled, the slab will rise back to its position. 

This repair solution needs an expert. The grout mix should attain the right consistency. If the concrete mix is too thick or too moist, it will again lead to crumbling cement underneath.

3. Resurfacing With Decorative Techniques

A repair solution that meets both enhancing the concrete’s form and function is resurfacing. This is a restoring method that uses existing concrete surfaces. It redesigns and repurposes the floorings’ quality and appearance.

While this involves lucrative and innovative techniques, it will lay down for you dozens of benefits. And the issues you encounter before will only get minimized. Resurfacing could involve stamping, overlay concrete, resealing, recoloring, and more.

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4. Restaining For Resealing

Above, we already mentioned cracks on the concrete. A better way to get rid of those cracks is to give them a decorative purpose. Staining the concrete surfaces will do the trick. Staining outdoor floors might sound weird. But, you have to try to see and believe. The dyes or pigments used in the stained concrete driveway are carried by either acid or water. 

Acid-stain will finish the surface with a mottled look. The mottling will give the cracks a facelift. Like the creases has been a vintage accent to the floor. A water-based stain adds a translucent effect. The stained exterior concrete needs an acrylic or resin coating to provide a waterproofed and glossy finish.

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