How To Get Epoxy Flooring With A 3D Effect

There is no reason for any of us to just get plain floors when there are such interesting, fun, and stylish options on the market. One option is epoxy flooring 3D. 

The 3D flooring epoxy effect comes from the layering of the coating and the amazing brush-stroke effects that have been incorporated. It is then topped with a high shine gloss layer that makes its amazing effect stand out even more. It makes for a unique and chic floor that we’re sure you’re itching to replicate at home.

Beach designed 3d epoxy flooring

If you want to be completely safe and err on the side of caution with this complex design, we recommend contacting a contractor to do the job for you. But if you’re feeling particularly brave about doing the process yourself, these are the steps to achieve a beautiful multi-dimensional epoxy floor:

Prepare Your Floor

The prep step of getting epoxy floors is a crucial one, and we urge you to be careful and take your time to prepare the surface. Epoxy will not bond properly to a floor that is dusty, damp, or uneven, and will cost you a lot of money to remove and redo. 

For this step, go around the room and clean every part and every corner. Take note of any unevenness or cracks to fix before applying the epoxy. You can also test for moisture in the floor by taping the sides of a piece of plastic to the floor; leave for a day and then check for any dampness the plastic may have collected.

Once you’re sure the floor is clean, clear, and dry, proceed to step two.

Apply a Base Coat to the Floor

Before you can get to any of the fun colors, you will need to lay down a base color for your entire design. This will depend on the final design you want, but we recommend something like black or white to use as a base that will amplify the colors you put on top. Work the coat evenly along the floor working from the inside out towards the door of the room. 

Leave the base layer to dry for at least a day before proceeding.

Mix and Apply the 3D Epoxy Coating

Make sure to clear the floor of any dust that may have collected during the drying process. You will have to mix the epoxy coating with the pigment you want as directed by the instructions on the label. You may also choose to add a metallic pigment at this point.

When the mixture has been mixed thoroughly, apply in ribbons throughout the room and spread. You can choose how to spread the mixture and in what direction you want the strokes to be. This is the step where your artistic vision for the floors matters the most!

Apply a Top Coat for Protection

To ensure your design is beautifully protected for years, wait until the design has dried then apply a final topcoat. Finishing coats come in a variety of grades and finishes, but we particularly love a high shine gloss over this kind of design.

Frequently Asked Questions

3D epoxy flooring installation typically costs between $10 and $20 per square foot. A sophisticated design will entail more work and a higher installation cost. The more expensive the cost, the smaller the area of the floor.

10 to 20 years.
Epoxy flooring normally last 10 to 20 years, but with regular maintenance and touch-ups, they can last even longer. When the time comes to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal or disposal of your old flooring.

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