2022 Must-Have Minimalist Designs For Your Patio

The minimalist style is nothing new. You would have this style and design them as part of your concrete patio St Louis, going to the interiors, up to your wardrobe.

Minimalism goes beyond its core component, limiting its color scheme to black and white. Minimalism is a lifestyle now growing into a movement, and it won’t be going away anytime soon. 

So if you are planning to have a concrete restoration for 2022, minimalist patios are here to rise. Why the patios? Read on for more!

Minimalist Patios: Design To Try This 2022

Most of the past year’s minimalism designs feature interiors. Seeing clean lines and sleek outlines in black and white are quite a challenge outdoors, and we are used to seeing the more innate nature-scape for the patios. 

To create a minimalist style for outdoor living rooms, here are trademarks of the expert and practitioners of minimalism design.

1. Modern Concrete Paver Patios

The main theme of the modern concrete paver patio is the utilitarian look of concrete. Combine it with a suitable layout and accent, and achieve the modern patio design.

Minimalist patio floors are possible with the linear outlines and patterns that concrete pavers create. The linear patterns created by the pavers make the perfect minimalist aesthetic. The natural gray cement tone of the paver concrete floors is another minimalist element that this design could achieve. 

Instead of having an irregularly shaped patio floor, design the surface with clean-cut lines and edges. Building vertical concrete walls and fixtures like a concrete fire pit completes the setup.

Home patio with paver floors

2. Contemporary Patio

Minimalist design has grown into many subcategories. One is the contemporary designs. Under this are various styles that you may want to adapt to your patios. Here are a few popular contemporary patios designs to inspire you:

  • Coastal Custom
  • Bluestone finished patio
  • Sagaponack estate patio
  • Perham styled patio
  • Garden gallery style

If you searched for these designs, you would notice one theme that unifies them. Contemporary is about comfort without compromising style. 

Contemporary design patio

3. Geometric Flooring 

Next is using bold geometric shapes. Geometric shapes mean clean outlines, less intricate details, and fewer irregularities. 

You can quickly achieve a bold geometric outline using stamped concrete floors and make it more appealing by having a modern stained concrete patio. The floors would display bold patterns such as slate stone and even wood planks. 

Patio with geometric stamped concrete pattern

4.  Eco-friendly Furniture

Earthy contemporary designs now combine with minimalism. The options would instantly look cozy as it gets closer to nature with bamboo and rattan designs on the furniture. Using these natural materials for outdoor chairs and tables would not need other decorative elements to go with it. 

Rattan chairs and tables in an eco friendly patio

5. Rustic Designs

Last on today’s list is the rustic designs. This particular style is another subcategory of minimalism. This design concept is minimalist because it features subtle colors inspired by the autumn seasons that are overlaid on a white or pure soft-colored background. The rustic approach is practical, and it lets you minimize taking in too many items. To achieve rustic, you need to love recycled items and DIY decors. 

Such DIY you can do is acid staining of the patio floors. You can quickly learn staining techniques and have the materials supplied from a nearby local flooring shop or hardware.

Children's chairs on a rustic patio
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