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High-Quality Concrete Staining – Acid Stain

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Acid stain is gaining popularity in the Midwest. Acid staining is a popular means of transforming concrete slabs which would be otherwise unappealing into rich hues and visual textures.  This method is utilized by homeowners, builders, and designers alike to achieve the unique color combinations and application techniques we offer. This process tenders endless results and we offer you the creative assistance to explore those possibilities.

Concrete is known for having a wide range of neutral tones which makes it the perfect surface for acid stain application. Concrete staining with acid stains can give a look which mirrors natural materials such as wood, leather, stones, or marble with earth tones. Whether the application is on the surface of floors, patios, driveways, walls, walkways, or pool decks can be customized.

The acid stain is a mixture of hydrochloric acid, water, and acid-soluble metallic salts which penetrate the surface. Since the surface contains hydrated lime, it reacts with the acid stain and creates a permanent reaction that doesn’t fade or chip as time passes. It is referred to as a reactive stain because it requires the
chemicals in the concrete to “react” and allow the depositing of color into the pores.  Since the stain is reacting to what is present in the concrete, a wide range of colors may result even when only one color has been chosen. The chemicals determine the degree of color variation for each application. If a consistent finish is desired it might be better to use a combination of solid color stains. The subtle tones are available in reds, browns, blacks, oranges, light greens, blues and even tans.

Concrete Staining is durable and can be applied to old concrete in an attempt to revive it, or to a new one to add color and the appearance of texture. This can be done on interior floors as well as exterior concrete by an individual or by a professional. When this process is done, it is imperative to have the correct tools and safety equipment to avoid leaving marks or streaks and to insure safety. To avoid this risk with larger slabs and surfaces that need a lot of preparation, one should hire a professional.

Each acid stain job is one of a kind.  No two pieces of concrete will stain exactly the same.   Visit our photo gallery to see if acid stain is right for you.

After the concrete stain has been finished, it is important to continue to care for the concrete. It is a permanent process, but the permanence only penetrates the initial layer of concrete leaving it prone to wear from traffic or weather. To enhance the intensity of the concrete stain, sealers and sheen can be applied to exterior and interior surfaces. Exterior surfaces that don’t have a brush broom finish should have an “anti-slip” particulate added to the sealer.  Exterior surfaces can be maintained through sweeping or rinsing stubborn areas. For interior surfaces, it should be dry mopped with an occasional wet mopping.  Wax can be applied on interior surfaces to enhance the shine and give the floor extra protection. The wax is referred to as the “sacrificial coating”.  It is less expensive than applying new coats of sealer and will protect the coating from “wearing”.

Each acid stain job is one of a kind.  No two pieces of concrete will stain exactly the same.   Visit our photo gallery to see if acid stain is right for you.

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