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Top 5 Front Porch Remodeling Ideas

by on Jan 15, 2018 in Blog

Top 5 Front Porch Remodeling Ideas

front porch st louis moPorches are almost a necessity for every home. You will find photographs of homes online that feature before and after images of when they didn’t and soon had a porch installed. The difference is astounding. The house looks more approachable, warmer, and even friendlier. If you already have a porch but want to remodel it to make it better, here are cool ideas that could result in outstanding results.

Resurface the Porch Concrete

If you have a concrete porch, resurfacing it with a coating or overlay is enough to give it a significant boost. Stamped concrete offers various patterns that are super ideal for porches. Imagine a natural stone porch with flagstone or slate. You may also have a brick porch or one designed to look like huge tiles. The possibilities available for a front porch concrete resurfacing are limitless.

Refresh its Look with a Paint Job

A layer of fresh paint will make the porch look refreshingly new to anyone who sees it. You can consider painting the door a different color than the rest of the house. It can be quite risky to use bold colors but it actually works. Some brown-themed homes used red or blue-green on their doors and the results are amazing. If you want to leave the home alone, paint the entire front porch or maybe just the railings and posts. The new color will renew your interest and the mood felt when hanging out on the porch.

Make it More Comfortable

Adding or changing the furniture is an easy method of revamping the look of a porch. Add a rug, throw some pillows on the chairs, or add some greenery somewhere. One home converted a boring porch into a rustic one by simply making benches out of reclaimed wood and tree branches. If you have a wide enough space, add a dining area and a place for entertaining guests. Hanging daybeds are a popular addition nowadays.

Add Columns

Your porch may already have a post that holds the railings together. Why not make it more decorative and dramatic? Imagine the gothic and ionic columns of past and try to incorporate it into your porch. You may also consider brick columns or wooden tree trunks if that is your thing.

Screen It

Add more security and privacy simply by adding screens around the porch. Turning a porch into a sunroom extends the indoor living space without taking away from the curb appeal that a front porch provides. If you want something more open, add windows or curtains that you can easily open or close when you wish.

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5 Facts About Concrete Resurfacing

by on Jan 12, 2018 in Blog

5 Facts About Concrete Resurfacing

pool deck repair services st louisConcrete resurfacing is one of the hottest trends nowadays. But just because it is, doesn’t mean you could just go ahead and have it done on your property as well. As with any other construction or remodeling project, it is important to learn about the process first, the benefits it offers, how much of an investment it is, and other important details. Make sure that you gather the right facts and do not just rely on sales talk and colorful promotional dialogues. Here are the top five facts you need to know about concrete resurfacing before even considering it for your project:

1. An overlay or coating is a commendable alternative to almost any flooring or paving material

This is probably one good reason why resurfacing is such a huge hit among home and business owners alike. Resurfacing a  pool deck, patio, or driveway allows a plain concrete slab to be more than a utilitarian surface. Stamping, staining, and other techniques can make it look like high-end materials. With proper resurfacing, the surface may acquire the exact look of natural stone, brick, pavers, tile, and many other luxurious materials.

2. Resurfacing strengthens old concrete slabs

The mere addition of an overlay or coating restores an old slab and extends its lifespan for several more years. The new surface helps seal off minor surface damage and also protects the existing concrete slab. There are many different types of resurfacing solutions and each one provide a new look, better function, and more damage-resistant properties.

3. Decorative overlays and coatings are inexpensive and money-saving options

Aside from costing affordably upfront, resurfaced concrete spaces also help save you money in the long run. Upon installation, investment is low. It makes use of the existing slab. It requires minimal materials and a just a few installers to complete the job. In the coming years, you will see how much money you save not having to clean and maintain the surface as you often did with stone, brick, and even wood. Also, a resurfacing overlay or coating makes it possible to change the look or material used when you want a new look.

4. Resurfacing also adds value to the property

You don’t need to use expensive materials to make the resale value of your property higher. The look that resurfaced materials provide makes it greatly appealing to interested buyers. The improved function it acquires make the spaces more useful and enjoyable. The durability it possesses makes it a long-lasting investment you would never regret making.

5. Installation time is short and sweet.

Resurfacing concrete only takes a day to a week at most, depending on the material and technique you have chosen. Installers also make sure that they install the overlay or coating in the least intrusive manner possible so as not to hinder you from following your daily routine.

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5 Reasons Why a Pool Deck Coating is the Best Thing Ever

by on Dec 28, 2017 in Blog

5 Reasons Why a Pool Deck Coating is the Best Thing Ever

stamping concrete st louisIf you are planning to install a pool deck or recreate the one you already have, you will soon find out that there are many different options to choose from. One of the most popular and highly recommended is pool deck coating. This is used for resurfacing concrete surfaces. There are many different types using different materials and involving different application methods. Regardless of which one you choose, there are major reasons why you would be glad you did:

1. It is Resistant to Weather Changes

Pool deck coatings are designed to withstand outdoor weather. The tremendous heat of the sun, the heavy rainfall, the occasional snow, and the chill that the winds bring are more than enough than anything could ever handle. However, a deck coating can handle it all. It is resistant to UV rays and the coating can be topped with a layer of sealer to keep water from getting into the slab.

2. There is a Wide Selection of Aesthetic Options

Pool deck coatings come in a variety of form and function. A stamped overlay has numerous patterns to choose from, some involving intricate details and some designed to mimic high-end materials like stone and brick. A spray knockdown finish features a subtle but dramatic texture that is stunning and slip-resistant. These can even be further enhanced with the addition of concrete stains, custom scoring, engraving, and more.

3. Pool Deck Coatings are Easy to Maintain

Decorative coatings require very minimal maintenance. It is a versatile material that is resistant to dirt, debris, mold, weed growth, stains, and more. It can be cleaned with just soap and water. The addition of a concrete sealer makes the surface a lot more protected and a lot easier to clean.

4. It is a Highly Durable and Damage-Resistant Material

A concrete pool deck coating is resistant to most types of damage, such as abrasion, impact, stains, scratches, and more. If it ever acquires a bit of damage on the surface, it can be easily repaired back to its former glory.

5. Definitely a Cost-Effective Option

Pool deck coatings are durable and this means it does not need to be replaced every so often. It does not require the use of any expensive cleaning tools and products to keep it in tip-top shape. It offers the opportunity for a luxurious deck without using expensive materials.

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5 Must-Know Pool Deck Repair Tips

by on Dec 18, 2017 in Blog

5 Must-Know Pool Deck Repair Tips

Concrete is a popular material for pool decks because it is durable, affordable, and versatile. As it wears out, certain damage starts to show up. Nowadays, there are so many pool deck repair options that can fix it up. Whether you are hiring someone to perform pool deck repairs or doing a DIY on your own, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

pool deck repair services st louis

Protect the Pool

If you are doing repairs on the pool deck, make sure that the pool is protected from unwanted dirt and debris. This is often needed when repairs near the cedge is being done, however, it is just as important to do so even when farther areas in the pool area. Dust could be blown by the wind and end up in the water.

Enclose the Area

Whether it is a quick repair or one that requires several days, enclose the area. This should be more than just flimsy tape going around the area, setting an “off limits” perimeter. Make sure that no child or pet could get through it easily. Damaged areas can be dangerous, moreso, if the area has already been dug up or opened up or if any dangerous tools or equipment are lying around.

Check State or HOA Policies

Building codes for each city or state varies. It is important that you check this first to make sure that you are repairing according to standards. If you are living in a closed community managed by a Homeowners Association or HOA, make sure you follow policies regarding design and material. Some are very strict even with the colors used.

Plan Ahead

It is always best to have a Plan B. Let’s say you are dealing with a crack on the pool deck. The repair process involves opening up the crack a little bit and removing rough and brittle edges to enhance filler adherence. What if you find more damage deep within or around the crack? You should be prepared to address that as well. If you are unsure, you can have an expert check on the crack to determine if there is something there not visible to the naked eye.

Invest a Little

There are several repair options out there that are as cheap as they can get. While this seems practical, it is important to consult an expert and read reviews from customers who have tried it. Decorative concrete is a more affordable option compared to others but it is not so cheap that it can be too good to be true.

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Seal Garage Floor or Not?: Pros and Cons of Concrete Sealing

by on Dec 1, 2017 in Blog

Seal Garage Floor or Not?: Pros and Cons of Concrete Sealing

Sealing a concrete floor is something most professional contractors recommend highly. Although it seems just like an additional thing to do, it is more important than you think. Most homeowners are having two minds about considering concrete sealers so here is a brief guide to why you should give it a go, especially on garage floors:

garage floor contractor st louis mo


  • A sealer, such as an epoxy flooring can help repel moisture and keep it on the surface. The garage floor is exposed to a lot of moisture, whether it is from driving in from the rain or spilling something on the floor. Now, bare concrete is very porous. Any amount of moisture gets easily absorbed and this could cause damage deep within the slab.
  • A sealer is stain-resistant. Because it seals off the pores, nothing gets past the surface. This means anything that could cause stains won’t be able to leave any colored pigments behind.
  • Sealed floors last longer. When a concrete slab is resistant to most damaging elements, its lifespan is extended and zero to minimal repairs are necessary.
  • Sealers enhance and maintain appearance. There are different types of concrete sealers. There are epoxy and polyaspartic that creates a seamless and appealing surface and there are clear ones that deepen colors and protects any design or pattern on the floor.


  • Sealers could be slippery. Most sealers dry with a shine and create a seamless layer. It can be pretty slippery especially when wet but there is a way to increase traction. Contractors recommend adding some sort of fine abrasives to the coating to create a non-skid surface.
  • A resealing is required every few years. It is quite unfortunate but sealers do fade, especially in high traffic areas. This is why it is highly recommended to have the sealer reapplied every two years to ensure that the floor is protected at all times.
  • Some sealers can be dangerous to humans, pets, and plants. Most sealers are solvent-based materials that contain harsh chemicals. These require safety gear to apply because it could be dangerous to touch or inhale. There are, however, safer types of sealers. It may cost a bit more but its environment-friendly feature would surely be worth the investment.
  • Concrete sealers cannot be used on new slabs. Just like most coatings and overlays, sealers can only be used on slabs that are a month old at the least. A concrete garage flooring that is still curing is very vulnerable to damage.
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5 Pool Deck Decoration Ideas You Must Try

by on Sep 15, 2017 in Blog

5 Pool Deck Decoration Ideas You Must Try

When the weather is hot and humid, there is nothing more ideal to do than to take a dip in the swimming pool. During warmer months, the pool area becomes a place for socialization and family bonding. To make the area more appealing and enjoyable, here are decorating ideas you can try to acquire a new pool deck look.

pool deck overlays st louisHave a Decorative Pool Deck Repair

No matter how much you decorate a pool deck, if it has existing damage or discoloration, it wouldn’t really be pleasing to the eye, would it? Topping it off with tile or stone is expensive but there is an affordable method: pool deck overlay and coatings. With these, pool deck damage is covered and the look and function are improved. If the deck is just discolored, reapplying concrete pool deck colors would be a good idea.

pool deck furnitureFurnish the Concrete Pool Deck

Adding furniture is crucial especially for in the lounging area. Beach chairs are a given but you might want to add more comfortable couches or single chairs and add some cushions. Nowadays, outdoor spaces are almost as comfortable as indoor living rooms. You can even add a dining set for outdoor brunches while the kids are frolicking in the pool.

pool deck plantsBring it Closer to Nature

To enhance the outdoor experience, why not make the pool deck look a bit closer to nature? The mere addition of plants, potted or planted, will make the area look warmer and friendlier. Flowering plants brighten up the area. You may use herbal plants especially those that add fragrance to the air and those that repel mosquitoes.

pool deck lightsInstall Dramatic Lights

Lighting is always a dramatic addition to any space, be it indoor or out. In the pool area, adding lights to the pool makes it light up at night and then makes lighting effects caused by the moving water. Installing the lights on the pool deck helps set the mood while contributing to the need for safety and security.

swimming pool waterfallsAdd Outdoor Features

These could be anything. The most popular additions are fire pits, faux waterfalls, and fountains. The water features make the pool more interesting and enjoyable. The movement helps keep the pool water from standing, which could encourage mosquitoes to breed. The fire pit is a great way to add light and warmth to an otherwise chilly pool area. It is also a great grilling area for barbecues and marshmallows.

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